Fika Rebus Design


Fika means making time for friends and colleagues to share a cuppa and a little something to eat.We currently have one product for sale, the 'Fika Rebus Tee'. Or make your ownOur full range of fika desings are available to download with a commercial lice ...

Laufeyson design


Our Laufeyson print is available on an Anthem t-shirt, in 6 colours, and an AWD Just Hoods hoodie, in 7 colours. Our 'Laufeyson' products

Blessed design


You know the saying “Count your Blessings?” On days when life is tough or things don't go as we had hoped, it is important to remember that there are always something to be thankful for. To stay positive and hopeful, counting ones blessings is a great way ...

Go Away Design

Go Away

For an introverted person, alone time is necessary. While some recharge and thrive among other people, an introverted person needs solitude. In our large family we have a few extroverts, a few introverts and at least one ambivert (who is a little bit of b ...